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Publications les plus récentes

par Dominique Vrel, Farida Lamari, Patrick Langlois - publié le , mis à jour le

  • M. Dicko, M. Seydou, F. Lamari Darkrim, P. Langlois, F. Maurel, D. Levesque
    « Hydrogen adsorption on graphane : An estimate using ab-initio interaction »
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 42 (2017) 10057-63.

  • M. Cohen, G. Lepesant, F. Lamari, C. Bilodeau, P. Benyei, S. Angles, J. Bouillon, K. Bourrand, R. Landoulsi, D. Jabœuf, M. Alonso-Roldan, I. Espadas, V. Belandria, P. Silar, M. Dicko
    « Biomolecules from olive pruning waste in Sierra Mágina - Engaging the energy transition by multi-actor and multidisciplinary analyses »
    Journal of Environmental Management sous presse.

  • Ch.Chilev, Y. Stoycheva, M. Dicko, F. Lamari, P. Langlois, I. Pentchev
    « A New Procedure for Porous Material Characterization »
    International Journal of Science, Technology and Society 5 (2017) 131-40.

  • I. Hinkov, F. D. Lamari, P. Langlois, M. Dicko, C. Chilev, I. Pentchev
    « Carbon dioxide capture by adsorption (review) »
    Journal of Chemical and Technical Metallurgy 51 6 (2016) 609-26.

  • Ch. Chilev, F. Lamari Darkrim
    « Hydrogen storage at low temperature and high pressure for application in automobile manufacturing »
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 3 (2016) 1744-58.

  • C. Chilev, F. Lamari, M. Dicko, S. Simeonov
    « Investigation of acetic acid dehydration by various method »
    Journal of Chemical and Technical Metallurgy 51 1 (2016) 73-84.

  • M. Seydou, M. Dicko, F. Darkrim Lamari, F. Maurel, D. Levesque
    « Multiscale modeling of hydrogen storage on graphene based material »
    Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanic 2 3 (2015) 104-8

  • J. Janecek, P. Paricaud, M. Dicko, C. Coquelet
    « A generalized Kiselev crossover approach applied to Soave-Redlich-Kwong equation of state »
    Fluid Phase Equilibria 401 (2015) 16-26.

  • N. Tekin, A. Kara, S. Beyaz, E. Simsek, G. Çakmak, H. Y. Güney, F. D. Lamari
    « Preparation, Solubility, and Electrical Properties of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes/Poly(1−vinyl−1,2,4−triazole) Composites via in situ Functionalization »
    Polymer−Plastics Technology and Engineering, ISSN 03602559, 53 8 (2014).

  • M. Nala, E. Auger, I. Gedik, N. Ferrando, M. Dicko, P. Paricaud, F. Volle, J.-Ph. Passarello, J.-C. de Hemptinne, P. Tobaly, P. Stringari, C. Coquelet, D. Ramjugernath, P. Naidoo, R. Lugo
    « Vapour–liquid equilibrium (VLE) for the systems furan + n-hexane and furan + toluene. Measurements, data treatment and modeling using molecular models »
    Fluid Phase Equilibria 337 (2013) 234-45.

  • M. Dicko, F. Darkrim Lamari, D. Levesque
    « Molecular simulation of the selective adsorption of CO2 in combustion effluents »
    Récents Progrès en Génie des Procédés, Ed. SFGP, Paris (2013) 104 1-8.

  • M. Dicko, C. Coquelet, P. Theveneau and P. Mougin
    « Phase Equilibria of H2S-Hydrocarbons (Propane, n-Butane, and n-Pentane) Binary Systems at Low Temperatures »
    Journal of Chemical Engineering Data 57 5 (2012) 1534-43.

  • L. Briottet, R. Batisse, G. de Dinechin, P. Langlois, L. Thiers
    « Recommendations on X80 steel for the design of hydrogen gas transmission pipelines »
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37 11 (2012) 9423−30.

  • Ch. Chilev, F. Darkrim Lamari, L. Ljutzkanov, E. Simeonov, I. Pentchev
    « Hydrogen storage systems using modified sorbents for application in automobile manufacturing »
    International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 37 13 (2012) 10172-81.

  • Ch. Chilev, F. Darkrim Lamari, E. Kirilova, I. Pentchev « Comparison of gas excess adsorption models and high pressure experimental validation » Chemical Engineering Research and Design 90 11 (2012) 2002-12.

  • N. Tekin, S. Beyaz, A. Kara, E. Şimşek, F. Lamari
    « The synthesis of covalent bonded single-walled carbon nanotube/polyvinylimidazole composites by in situ polymerization and their physical characterization »
    Polymer Composites 33 8 (2012) 1255-62.

  • Ch. Chilev, I. Pentchev, F. Darkrim Lamari, E. Simeonov
    « Features for the Determination of Parameters of Equilibrium Adsorption Model by a Nonlinear Regression Process of Experimental Data »
    Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy 47 5 (2012) 540-5.