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Publications récentes

par Dominique Vrel, Guy Dirras, Zofia Trzaska - publié le , mis à jour le


  • Sarah Dine, Vasuki Kentheswaran, Dominique Vrel, Jean-Philippe Couzinié, Guy Dirras
    « Synthesis of nanometric MoNbW alloy using Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis »
    Accepté, Advanced Powder Technology

  • Guy-Daniel Dutel, Patrick Langlois, David Tingaud, Dominique Vrel, Guy Dirras
    « Data on the influence of cold isostatic pre-compaction on mechanical properties of polycrystalline nickel sintered using Spark Plasma Sintering »
    Data in Brief 11 (2017) 61-67.

  • N. A. Zontsika, A. Abdul-Latif and S. Ramtani
    « Pertinence of the Grain Size on the Mechanical Strength of Polycrystalline Metals »
    Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology 139 (2017) 2, 021017-021017-10.


  • S. K. Vajpai, H. Yu, M. Ota, I. Watanabe, G. Dirras, K. Ameyama
    « Three-Dimensionally Gradient and Periodic Harmonic Structure for High Performance Advanced Structural Materials »
    Materials Transactions, 57 (2016) 9, 1424–1432.

  • G. Dirras, H. Couque, L. Lilensten, A. Heczel, D. Tingaud, J.-P. Couzinié, L. Perrière, J. Gubicza, I. Guillot
    « Mechanical behavior and microstructure of Ti20Hf20Zr20Ta20Nb20 high-entropy alloy loaded under quasi-static and dynamic compression conditions »
    Materials Characterization, 111 (2016), 106–113.

  • T. Sadat, G. Dirras, D. Tingaud, M. Ota, T. Chauveau, D. Faurie, S. K. Vajpai, K. Ameyama
    « Bulk Ni–W alloys with a composite-like microstructure processed by spark plasma sintering : Microstructure and mechanical properties »
    Materials & Design, 89 (2016) 1181–1190.

  • L. Lilensten, J.-P. Couzinié, J. Bourgon, L. Perrière, G. Dirras, F. Prima, I. Guillot
    « Design and tensile properties of a bcc Ti-rich high-entropy alloy with transformation-induced plasticity »
    Materials Research Letters, 5 (2016) 2, 110–116.

  • G. Dirras, L. Lilensten, P. Djemia, M. Laurent-Brocq, D. Tingaud, J.-P, Couzinié, J.-P., L. Perrière, T. Chauveau, I. Guillot
    « Elastic and plastic properties of as-cast equimolar TiHfZrTaNb high-entropy alloy »
    Materials Science and Engineering : A, 654 (2016), 30–38.

  • T. Sadat, A. Hocini, L. Lilensten, D. Faurie, D. Tingaud, G. Dirras
    « Data on the impact of increasing the W amount on the mass density and compressive properties of Ni–W alloys processed by spark plasma sintering »
    Data in Brief, 7 (2016), 1405–1408.

  • J. Gubicza, L. Farbaniec, G. Csiszár, T. Sadat, H. Couque, G. Dirras
    « Microstructure and strength of nickel subjected to large plastic deformation at very high strain rate »
    Materials Science and Engineering : A, 662 (2016), 9–15.

  • A. Heczel, L. Lilensten, J. Bourgon, L. Perrière, J.-P. Couzinié, I. Guillot, I., G. Dirras, H. Yi, T.G. Langdon, J. Gubicza
    « Influence of High-Pressure Torsion on the Microstructure and the Hardness of a Ti-Rich High-Entropy Alloy »
    Materials Science Forum, 879 (2016), 732–737.


  • G. Dirras, J. Gubicza, A. Heczel, L. Lilensten, J.-P. Couzinié, L. Perrière, I. Guillot, A. Hocini
    « Microstructural investigation of plastically deformed Ti20Zr20Hf20Nb20Ta20 high entropy alloy by X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy »
    Materials Characterization, 108 (2015) 1–7.

  • V.-T. Phan, T.-D. Nguyen, Q.-H. Bui, G. Dirras
    « Modelling of microstructural effects on the mechanical behavior of ultrafine-grained Nickel using crystal plasticity finite element model »
    International Journal of Engineering Science, 94 (2015), 212–225.

  • D. Tingaud, P. Jenei, A. Krawczynska, F. Mompiou, J. Gubicza, G. Dirras, G.
    « Investigation of deformation micro-mechanisms in nickel consolidated from a bimodal powder by spark plasma sintering »
    Materials Characterization, 99 (2015) 118–127.

  • J.-P. Couzinié, L. Lilensten, Y. Champion, G. Dirras, L. Perrière, I. Guillot
    « On the room temperature deformation mechanisms of a TiZrHfNbTa refractory high-entropy alloy »
    Materials Science and Engineering : A, 645 (2015), 255–263.

  • G. Dirras, M. Ota, D. Tingaud, K. Ameyama and T. Sekiguchi
    « Microstructure evolution during direct impact loading of commercial purity α-titanium with harmonic structure design »
    Matériaux et Techniques 103 (2015) 3, 311.


  • J.-P. Couzinié, G. Dirras, L. Perrière, T. Chauveau, E. Leroy, Y. Champion, I. Guillot
    « Microstructure of a near-equimolar refractory high-entropy alloy »
    Materials Letters, 126 (2014), 285–287.

  • L. Farbaniec, G. Dirras, A. Krawczynska, F. Mompiou, H. Couque, F. Naimi, F. Bernard, D. Tingaud
    « Powder metallurgy processing and deformation characteristics of bulk multimodal nickel »
    Materials Characterization, 94 (2014) 126–137.

  • Aliou Hamady Barry, Guy Dirras, Frederic Schoenstein, Florent Tétard, Noureddine Jouini
    « Microstructure and mechanical properties of bulk highly faulted fcc/hcp nanostructured cobalt microstructures »
    Materials Characterization 91 (2014) 26-33.

  • G. Dirras, D. Tingaud, G. Csiszár, J. Gubicza, H. Couque, F. Mompiou
    « Characterization of bulk bimodal polycrystalline nickel deformed by direct impact loadings »
    Materials Science and Engineering : A 601 (2014) 48-57.

  • P. Jenei, J. Gubicza, G. Dirras, J.L. Lábár, D. Tingaud
    « Indentation creep study on ultrafine-grained Zn processed by powder metallurgy »
    Materials Science and Engineering A 596 (2014) 170-175

  • L. Farbaniec, H. Couque, G. Dirras
    « Influence Of Triaxial Stress State On Ductile Fracture Strength Of Polycrystalline Nickel »
    International Journal of Fracture, 183 (2013), 267-274

  • P. Jenei, G. Dirras, J. Gubicza, H. Couque
    « Deformation Mechanisms in Ultrafine-Grained Zn at Different Strain Rates and Temperatures »
    Key Engineering Materials, 592-593 (2013), 313–316.

  • Sanjay Kumar Vajpai, Kei Ameyama, Mie Ota, Tomoyuki Watanabe, Ryo Maeda, Tatsuya Sekiguchi, Guy Dirras, David Tingaud
    « High performance Ti-6Al-4V alloy by creation of harmonic structure design »
    Materials Science and Engineering, 63 (2014).

  • D. Tingaud and R. Besson
    « Point defects and diffusion in ordered alloys : an ab initio study of the effect of vibrations »
    Intermetallics 45 (2014) 38


  • G-D Dutel, P. Langlois, D. Tingaud, G. Dirras
    « Room-temperature deformation micro-mechanisms of polycrystalline nickel processed by spark plasma sintering »
    Datastalline nickel deformed by direct als Science Forum31376-8i>

  • G. Dirras, D.Gubicza, H. Couque, F. MrawOuarem Jenei, A.class='autobr' /> « Mechanical behavior anud micrr qualydirecmation mechanisms of aolgauarse- micrrfine-grained Zn procovux uth='e rois a nein rate »
    Materialsence.inee.strong>601 56strong> (2015), 3-3373-28i>

  • G. DRayc sd Gfiqul Elh O. Cippe Couzia, M. d Tingaud, DomiThièryuveau, E. L-Phi GointMms (2uiy Dirras
    « DataEts on thf Alkn=jaxion modehe Microstructure anduzinite-li  ? MateBioResnudcstrong>103 strong> (2015) 13 1102934-2949

  • G. DRayc sd G. Elh O. Cel DuteM'auamb. CRoinatesimiiérJ.-P.Phi GointMms (2uirPeriDirras
    « InveConveitéd Engiostruwad Drydir bulkRafTrzaFruitMicro ? Matearch Lettnal of FracApplitrucce and. Tneering MateTechnology 139 strong> (2014), 3)Micr2715

  • G. Darbaniec, H. Couque, G. Dirras
    « Influence Of Triaxial Stress State On Ductile Fracture Strength Of Polycrystalline Nickel »
    International Journal of Fracture, 183 (2013), 26ll class="fine"> »

  • 2013

    • G-D Dut.el, P. Lingaud, P. Jenelois, D. Tirras
      « Inflel usin harmimodal nickned Zterzforativibn duria Guevy sparSPSMicrostructure and mechanical properties »
      Matenal of Fracrials Science and ong>45
      (2016), 2) 7926-793i>

    G. Darbaniec, H. Cbdul-Latif and Gubicza, G. Dirras, J.class='autobr' /> « InflUfine-grained Zn pel procx">mny directstion.hreivités »
    Matenal of Fracrials Science and, ong>45 (2016), 2) 7932-793/i>

  • J. G Lukaszbaniec, H. Cbkrumul-Latif and Guenõicza, G.rPeriDirras
    « High perfPy α-tafine-Grained Zn ael usinPssed by sparDic compPic defoDmation micMicrostructure and mechanical behaPrties »
    Matenced Struneering Materials,183 (2015), 2) 102.

  • G. DFrbaellah Mompenstein, FlorbduDakhlaoui-Omroii K. VOta,Chaux f Dirras, J. GN.ini « Infletructured cobalt micrer mets sesis »
    Materials &acterization, 94 6ls Science Forum2)1-8>

  • G. Dirras, D. Thauveau, E. Lbdul-Latil and Gubicza, G. Damtani
    « InflUfine-grained Zn paluminumuessed by sparmposibinn of harmHot Iatic pre-sure MateTechDic compPic defoDmation micMicro-meccture and mechanical properties »
    MateMlurgy57 43Arong> (2015), 2) 1312-1322

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