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par Alexandre Tallaire - publié le , mis à jour le

ANR project "Jeune Chercheur" 2017-2020 : DESYNIB
Coordination : Claudia Lazzaroni

The DESYNIB project aims to develop and optimize an innovative Micro Hollow Cathode Discharge (MHCD) deposition reactor on large surfaces of hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN), in nitrogen atmosphere. This innovative project, driven by a consortium of young researchers having a promising and complementary expertise in plasma processes and material science, will open a new exploratory research axis in LSPM.

This project will be organized in three work packages : (i) Fundamental study of the MHCD in reactive gases ; (ii) Construction and study of a matrix reactor ; and (iii) h-BN deposition with a matrix reactor. It will involve theoretical and experimental research to understand the fundamental mechanisms governing the deposition process and to optimize the reactor. This latter will be composed of two chambers. A “plasma source” stage will provide an effective source of atoms thanks to the MHCD array while the created discharge will expand into a “deposition stage” where the boron precursor will be injected and the substrate located. The reactor construction involves thoughtful engineering work including manufacturing of the MHCD array and designing the generator used to supply the discharge.